Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or daring adventure with pirates, books can take you anywhere. Imagine getting lost in a room full of them. Birmingham, Alabama has many “hole in the wall’ bookstores that are full of charm and mystery. Check out these five local bookstores in Birmingham, Alabama.

Reed Books

Reed Books is like a caretaker for older and newer novels. Even if a book’s cover reveals its age or how often it was read, this bookstore adopts it. So whether you want a title that’s not well-known, has been read multiple times, or just came out, Reed Books is the place to look for it.

Books, Beans, and Candles

Book, Beans, and Candles is a charming three-story-home-turned-bookstore. It’s a must-see when in Birmingham. The smell of coffee, books, and candles help create an environment of peace and joy. If you’re looking to find healing crystals, spellbinding books, or even tarot cards, make a plan to visit them.

The Alabama Booksmith

Finding signed copies of books — especially more obscure titles — can be hard. The Alabama Booksmith is here to help. They only sell signed copies. Plus, they have author readings and signings at their location. Drop by this hidden gem and pick up a book signed by your favorite author.

Little Professor

Are you a book lover and a baseball fan? Little Professor’s bookshop in Birmingham, Alabama is the creation of former Baron’s baseball player, Paul Seitz. When you visit his shop you always have a chance of stumbling into him. Plus, he doesn’t mind talking about his baseball days. The shop also hosts live readings and offers fast shipping for any items not in stock.

Bob’s Comics

This store is small but mighty. It has a large collection of used, new, and limited edition comic books and graphic novels. Check out Bob’s Comics for the best comics in town.