Moving away from home isn’t easy. Packing everything up, moving it to the new apartment and then unpacking all of your things. Not only is the process physically draining, but it can be emotionally exhausting. Your friends and family may no longer be nearby, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them close. Try a few of these tips for keeping in touch with friends and family after a move!

Text by Jazelyn Little

“Open When” LettersStack of letters on table.

These are usually very popular for your significant other. However, you can turn them into perfect gifts for anyone. Want them to know you remember a special day? Make a letter that they will open when it comes around. Some of these occasions could be a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. Even making an “open when you are feeling sad” letter is meaningful. With this idea, there will always be a surprise waiting for them.

Set RemindersPerson holding cell phone.

Once you get settled in, time is going to start moving fast. Before you can blink, it’ll be two weeks since you last texted your friend or called home. By setting reminders on your phone, you can stay on top of remembering to communicate with your loved ones. Phone apps like Alarmed and are great places to start. Simply type in the task or occasion and you’ll be reminded of it whenever you need it most.

Social MediaSocial media icons.

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are no excuses for not being able to talk instantly with anyone back home! Whether you’re in the same town or 5 hours away, social media will allow pictures and instant messages to keep us all linked. There are even apps like Life360 that allow families to share locations, send group messages, and even send alerts for emergencies.

Gift Delivery ServicesFruit arrangement.

When your mom gets the flu and you’re unable to go see her, you’re going to realize things aren’t like they were. Since you can’t give her physical or emotional support, why not send an Edible Arrangement? An even better idea would be making a DIY arrangement. Pick out their favorite fruit, cut them into fun shapes and maybe even dip them in chocolate. Here’s a recipe to guide you along. After all, the best gifts are handmade, right?

Plan TripsTravel plans.

This is probably the best way to keep everyone sane. Plan out trips back home in advance so that they can be anticipated. When the trip is on the calendar, you can also start scratching out the days you have left! Using a trip planner, like, can help you locate the cheapest airfare tickets, bus fares or taxis. Never worry about how you will make it home again.

Once you start implementing these tips into your life, the distance will seem much smaller. Be proactive and don’t let the moving blues get you down.