Everyone loves a good cup of joe. For the average coffee drinker, a Keurig or maybe even instant (ew) will do. But not you. You enjoy fancy coffee shop coffee. You understand what pour-over coffee is. You only pour a bit of cream in your cup. It’s safe to say it: you LOVE coffee. Your wallet, on the other hand? Not so fond of your fancy coffee shop habit. Thankfully, there’s a way to satisfy your palate, your wallet, and your caffeine addiction all at once. Here’s how to make the perfect cup of coffee at home in your apartment

Text by Cameron Sullivan

Beans: The Basics

The first step? Get your own grinder for coffee beans. Hamilton Beach makes a great electric grinder. Or try this manual grinder and get a workout before your first cup. Next, invest in some jars to hold your quality beans. Mason jars work great, but if you’re serious, try a reusable coffee bag. Finally, check out this list for some great tips on how to get the best brew with any equipment.

French press coffee pot with lid and plunger on countertop next to it.

The French Press

While you might not actually know what it is, you’ve surely heard of a French press. It’s this fun pot with a little plunger in it. And it makes amazing coffee. For the intermediate coffee snob, this is a perfect way to enjoy coffee and impress your parents. “Wow,” they’ll say, “he can make coffee without pressing buttons.” All you need is a starter kit like this. This kit has a press, a grinder, a scoop and a bag of beans to start you off.

Pour-over coffee being made at home; focus is on the pot.

The Pour-Over

It may look intimidating. You may only get it at the coffee shop with the name you can’t pronounce. But don’t worry — pour-over coffee is easy. And delicious. And it will turn you in to one of those people who talks about “the latest brew” all the time. Essentially, you’ll be a better person. Maybe. Check out this Osaka kit to cut (or caffeinate) your teeth. Or jump straight to the full brewing station to brew like a real somebody.

Man in apartment pouring coffee from a moka pot into a cup for a woman.

The Stove-Top Moka Pot

These fancy pots are the easiest way to make coffee. You just pour water and coffee into two compartments. Then, leave it on the stove. While it may lack some of that flash, it’s great for a minimalist kitchen or someone looking for the simplest way to brew. Check out this great Moka pot for an easy starter. Plus, it comes in eight colors and three capacities.

Siphon coffee maker brewing coffee on countertop with biscuits, cheese, and jam next to it.

The Siphon

The holy grail of fancy coffee brewing, the siphon, is a beast. This fussy device uses vacuum pressure to move water through the coffee beans, giving you the ultimate brew. The even heat and water dispersion means your beans are getting hit in just the right spot. This can be a pricier and more difficult way to brew coffee, but the flavor makes up for it. Plus, you don’t need any knick-knacks in your kitchen. Just leave this beauty out on your counter! Try this kit to get yourself started. And check out this guide to get the most out of it.