When you first move into your own apartment, it can be difficult to keep everything clean. You might be used to another set of hands cleaning up after you. To make keeping everything nice and clean easier, use this guide to make a cleaning schedule perfect for your apartment

Text by Martha Kendall Custard

Task list.

List All Tasks

Before making a schedule, you have to know what needs to go into the schedule. List all of the tasks necessary to keep your apartment clean. Categorize these tasks according to frequency. Some will need to be performed only once a week, while others will need to happen daily. You can even categorize tasks by room.


Make a Cleaning Schedule for Your Apartment by the DayCleaning schedule calendar.

Once you’ve listed all the tasks and their frequencies, it is time to attribute tasks to certain days. Tasks that take more time should be on days when you have a lot of free time. Busy days need only quick and easy tasks. Decide whether it will be easier to categorize by task or by room. You might decide to do all tasks in the living room except vacuuming in one day, as it is easier to take the vacuum out only once when you vacuum the entire apartment.


Set TimerRed ten minute timer.

Setting a timer when you clean can be productive in two ways. It limits the portion of your day you spend cleaning while motivating you to get the job done quickly. If you abhor cleaning, you might find it difficult to motivate yourself in the beginning. Tell yourself you’re going to clean for ten short minutes, set the timer, and get the job done.


Outline Daily Tasks

Some tasks have to be completed every single day. These will likely be dishes, making your bed, and tidying the apartment. Make sure you indicate what tasks must be completed every day. Find a nice pocket of time at some point during the day when it is convenient for you to do these tasks. Repeating them at the same time can help form the habit at an easier pace. 

Stick to It

Two gloved hands wiping down a countertop with spray cleaner and a paper towel.


Making a cleaning schedule is pointless if you don’t stick to it. It will  take a while for the habit to form, but once it does the cleaning  should come easily. Sticking to the schedule will save you time in the  long run. You will feel happier and healthier in a clean environment.