So it’s been a long week. And it’s only Wednesday. The work week can be a struggle sometimes. Humid weather, a lack of sleep, and following the same old routine every day can make it feel downright impossible. And if you’re still working at home, your apartment may feel like a cage. Thankfully, there are many ways to bust through those mid-week blues and not just survive but thrive until the weekend. Try these tips to survive the mid-week blues.

Text by Cameron Sullivan

Dirt road running through forest, sun streaming through the trees ahead.

Go Outside

It’s simple, but it’s true: getting outdoors really can help you get out of your mid-week funk. Science shows that spending time outside offers numerous health benefits. It also relieves stress and mental fatigue. Try going for a hike before or after work. Spend some time in a park, or just sit on your porch for a bit. Anything under the sun and away from screens can help reset your brain.

Mix Up MealsOverhead shot of long table with people sharing multiple dishes of food.

If you end up making the same basic lunches every day and don’t have the energy to switch up dinners, use Wednesday as a motivator. Tell yourself that every Wednesday you’re going to try somewhere new for lunch, or make something new for dinner. This site has some great templates that make meal planning simple. Make it a tradition. Get others involved. It’ll help you stick with it and enjoy it more!

Remote control pointing at a television screen.Set a Routine

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have all changed the way we watch TV. With shows on demand all the time it’s hard to not binge things and get bored quickly. Try making Wednesday night your new show night. Let yourself watch one episode of your favorite new series. This will give you something to look forward to and help you structure your time after work. If you want to find new shows, try this list. Get your friends to watch the same episode and talk about it the next day. You can even watch the show together with apps like Teleparty and Scener.

Plan AheadA woman writes notes on a map stretched out on the table in front of her.

Use Wednesday as your day to start making weekend plans. Block out some time during the day to talk to friends and come up with something to do. Or spend this time researching a fun new activity to try. Having something to look forward to will help. Check out some of these apps to find new things to do and people who’re interested in them. It gives you a chance to think about something other than work.

Treat YourselfA man relaxes on the couch. He's wearing headphones and there's a guitar nearby.

Wednesday is the perfect day to relax and unwind. While keeping a routine and being active are great, maybe opening a bottle of wine and spending the evening on the couch is what you need. Spend some time doing something fun you’ve been putting off. Start a new book or buy something fun. Check out this list of fun activities to do on your own. Reward yourself with some free time and don’t feel bad about it.

While the week may be a struggle, it’s up to you to make it better. Whether it’s going out, staying in, or mixing things up, there are a lot of ways to make it through. Try out some of these tips, and keep doing you!