The holidays are time for family, friends and gatherings. The problem comes when you want to throw a dinner party, but are worried about space in your apartment. Here are some tips on hosting a successful holiday dinner party in your apartment.


Tote bag of various ingredients

Prepare Ahead of Time

The key to a successful dinner party is preparing ahead of time. Send out invites to have a solid number of attendees a few days in advance. When you have a number to work with, it’s easier to determine what supplies you need. This also helps you determine how much time you will need to prepare dinner so you aren’t waiting until the last minute. When preparing, you also want to ask guests if they have any dietary restrictions so you can accommodate for all to have a good time.


Man vacuuming floorCreate a Comfy Environment

It can be hard to create a cozy atmosphere in an apartment, but it’s definitely doable. Don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture or remove things from the living area to create space for your guests. This is a one-night event and you can easily put everything back once you’re done. While you’re rearranging, don’t forget to also tidy up a little bit (including the bathroom). You want your guests comfy and cozy while enjoying your dinner.



Holiday dinner party tablescape.Decorate a Little Bit

You want your guests to get in the holiday spirit the second they walk in the door. What better way to set the mood than grabbing some decorations? Of course, you can always DIY if you’re on a budget. And speaking of setting the mood, you also want to make sure that you have proper lighting for the evening as well. Few things say “merry” more than twinkling string lights.


Various dishes of food on table

Choose a Meal for All

Aside from dietary restrictions, you want to pick a meal that will satisfy all guests. This night is about coming together for a meal, so pick something everyone’s sure to love. The point is for everyone to enjoy themselves — and that includes the host! Quick and easy holiday favorites are the way to go.


Host standing up at dinner party

Be a Gracious Host

It’s important to remember that while you are the host, this night is about friendship and fellowship. It’s about coming together for a meal and making memories. The night might not go as planned and that’s okay. Be prepared for anything to happen and most importantly, remember to thank your guests for coming.


Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, especially when you live in a small space. With these tips, your next dinner party is sure to be a hit.