The South is widely known for its delicious (if not always super-healthy) cuisine. The Iron City is no exception. Every college student loves good food, so here are five local Birmingham restaurants just steps away from your Birmingham apartment.

Text by Claire Manasco


Complete with a vintage aesthetic, Melt is the perfect casual sandwich locale. Melt describes its menu as “classic food with a modern twist.” Serving a variety of unique sandwiches and sides, Melt is perfect for that casual lunch date or a meet-up with your parents on a Saturday. Try their Mac Melt or Ragin’ Cajun sandwich for a treat.

Flipping grilling ribs.
Image by Mathias Engfors from Pixabay

Dreamland BBQ

Nearly every UAB student is familiar with Dreamland’s bar-b-que. First established in 1958, Dreamland has become a staple of the Five Points area near UAB. Famous for its BBQ ribs, Dreamland is the perfect local joint to visit with friends on a lazy afternoon.

shrimp linguini.
Image by Jumi Kang from Pixabay

The Fish Market

You’ll find The Fish Market in an old warehouse just a few streets away from UAB’s campus. But don’t let appearances deceive you! The food served inside is fresh and delicious. The Fish Market’s menu is rich with Mediterranean flavors. They serve seafood and traditional Greek dishes. You’ll love their nautical-themed decor, with flags and food from multiple countries. The Fish Market is the perfect location for great celebrations and great seafood.

falafel pita bread.
Image by Jeff Velis from Pixabay

Golden Temple Cafe

As Birmingham’s only exclusively vegetarian restaurant, Golden Temple provides all kinds of yummy options for the veggie lover in your life. From a juice-and-smoothie bar to veggie burgers, Golden Temple has something good for everybody. And that includes meat-eaters! This cafe is an excellent example of local eateries in Five Points. It’s also a great place to take that vegetarian friend when they visit.

Person sitting in front of taco plate.
Photo by Chitokan from Pexels

Taco Mama

If you love Mexican food, Taco Mama is definitely the place for you. They have so many options and toppings for tacos, burritos and nachos. With fresh and delicious veggies and ingredients, Taco Mama is a great go-to for any occasion.