You thought that once you found your first “real world” job, you’d have it made. But once the excitement of decorating your own cubicle wears off, the unfortunate reality of adulthood sets in. When life becomes a whirlwind of bills and business meetings, you may find yourself struggling to make it to the office on time. If you find yourself wasting precious time searching for your keys in the morning, this guide for apartment organization will make your life easier.

1. Designate specific areas for important things. 

Anything that you need before you walk out the door should have a special place in your apartment. If you’re on a budget, this inexpensive key and mail holder from Amazon can help you quickly locate your keys and important bills. But, it might be worthwhile to check out the mother of all door organizers. This organizer gives you a mail holder and a shelf for your keys and wallet. It also has three hooks for purses, briefcases or jackets. Before you pet that cute kitty greeting you at the front door, put important items in their places to save you time in the morning.

smallwhiteboardreminder2. Write reminders on a whiteboard.

Hang a simple whiteboard on the back of your bedroom door or the back of your apartment door. If you’re worried about forgetting that important meeting, write it on the board so you’ll see it before you walk out the door. Or you can remind yourself not to leave your lunch in the fridge for the thousandth time. Check out this combo whiteboard and key holder that can help you knock-out tip one and two.

3. Make a coffee station.

Sure, your Birmingham apartment may be next to a coffee shop, but you can save some precious moments for sleep by making your own cup of Joe. Don’t waste time running around the kitchen grabbing everything you need. Have a designated space for your coffee-maker, and place your reusable to-go cups right next to it. Don’t forget to keep the sugar nearby. If you use K-cups but you lack counter and cabinet space, consider this magnetic K-cup organizer that can go on your fridge.

4. Use an old CD holder to organize food container lids.

Okay, so you might not have touched a CD since you bought your first iPod. Still, you’re bound to know someone with an old CD holder that can double as a rack for food container lids. This nifty trick from WooHome can eliminate time spent on searching for the right lid for your lunch. Ideally, you could meal prep to stay really organized, but for now, this is a good place to start.

5. Prepare overnight oats.Overnight Oats

Instead of having your stomach awkwardly growl during your morning meeting, make your breakfast the night before. Overnight oats are a nutritious way to start your day and no where near as intense as actual meal planning. Check out these simple yet delicious recipes from Wholefully.

6. Buy some bathroom cabinet organizers.

If you haven’t learned already, there is an organizer for everything. Now it’s time to organize the bathroom. Instead of throwing all of your products into the cabinet under your sink, invest in some shelves with a roll-out basket. These will give you more storage space and help keep things right where you need them.

7. Create magnetic storage jars.

If you still need space for your abundance of toiletries, check out Buzzfeed’s DIY magnetic jars. By using these jars to store your hair accessories, cotton-balls or Q-tips, you can have plenty of added space to keep things de-cluttered. Since you can easily put them back on the magnetic bar attached to the top of your cabinet, you’ll know exactly where they are so you can get ready faster.