The Worst Roommates from Game of Thrones and Two That Might be OK

In the treacherous landscape that is Game of Thrones, there are plenty of unsavory characters. (Viserys Targaryen, anyone? Remember that guy?) And in the quest for the Iron Throne, we’ve seen plenty of questionable choices, from having your castle feature a pit to nowhere/moon door to wearing other people’s faces. Still, in all this insanity, we’ve identified the Game of Thrones characters sure to make the worst roommates.

Cersei Lannister
In addition to being just a tad bit evil, Cersei is going to hit on your boyfriend and shame you every time you touch a high-calorie food. Not to mention that when her boyfriend comes to town — well, let’s just say that the creep factor is going to be high, and you’ll probably want to sleep over with a friend. (Coffin-adjacent sex, anyone?) Plus, if you discuss said taboo boyfriend, you might ending up paralyzed for life.


Do you know the worst kind of psychic? A partial psychic. Kind of knowing the future doesn’t count. Which is one of many reasons living with Melisandre would grate on one’s nerves. Then there’s the fact that she leads a cult and encourages you to murder family members. Oh, and she could give birth to a murderous shadow demon at any time. At. Any. Time.


The Mountain
Say it with us: “anger issues.” It’s one thing to live with a guy that sees red every time you finish the peanut butter. It’s another to live with someone who can literally crush your skull with his bare hands if you forget to pay your half of the electric bill. Not to mention the fact that anyone who can do that kind of damage to his brother’s face probably isn’t going to be the most fun at a bar.


Sure, a little gossip is fun every now and then. But the gossip game this guy brings is never-ending. You could be sure that every single one of his “little birds” would know about each and every hook-up, night out and bad word that you said. Had a tough day at work? It’s going to be all over Facebook before you’ve even unlocked the front door.


Khaleesi Targaryen
Yes, she’s beautiful and liberates oppressed people, but housing with the Mother of Dragons? And you thought your roommate’s dog was annoying. Khaleesi comes with three oversized pets, one of which has a penchant for burning small children alive. We’re going to call the fire-breathers what they really are: deal-breakers.

Despite the slim pickings, there and two people we’d actually consider renting a pad in King’s Landing with:


Tyrion Lannister
He throws the best parties. Sure, there are lots of Daddy issues, but when the guy makes up for his insecurities with ladies, alcohol and wisecracks, you’re guaranteed a good time. Not to mention the fact that a Lannister always pays his debts, so that rent check is handled.


Brienne of Tarth
Built like a brick house with a heart of gold, Brienne of Tarth is totally going to stay up with you all night braiding your hair, talking about boys and pledging her undying loyalty to your friendship. This is a roomie that will have your back, in all the best ways.

all photos courtesy of Game Of Thrones Wiki