Sharing your living space with other people is hard, but humor can make it easier! Sometimes you just have to laugh through the pain of some of the conflicts that inevitably come up when living with roommates.

Text by Katherine Polcari

Noisy Roommates

We’ve all been woken up too early by roommates. There are a lot of ways to handle the situation, but I think we all wish that we had the guts to go on a monologue like Winston does in New Girl. Not only does he get on to his roommates about the noise, but he also scares off two unwanted women in the apartment and resolves a fight between CeCe and Jess.

Passive Aggressive Wars

Okay, we’ve all done this. Sometimes it’s easier to send a passive-aggressive message than to face conflict head-on. In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted starts off by labeling all of his food, but ends up buying an actual telephone booth to go in the living room without asking Marshall’s permission. This finally sparks a confrontation, which leads to Ted and Marshall having a sword fight. The next time you write a passive-aggressive note about your leftovers, remember that it’s not something that you’d be willing to duel for.

Personal Space

Have you ever forgotten that your roommate was home and walked around without pants or sang too loudly in the shower? It happens to the best of us. Throughout the series Community, Troy and Abed are known for having misadventures, but it takes Annie a little while to get adjusted when she moves in. Once she does, she starts joining in on the fun. While it’s great to have alone time, it can be even better to goof off with your roommates. 

A Roommate Agreement

A reoccurring theme in The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon’s obsession with the Roommate Agreement. Sheldon uses it to get Leonard to agree to a weekly food schedule and a bathroom schedule. Not all roommate agreements are so restrictive, but it can still feel intimidating to have everything down in writing. Just remember that you can also use the roommate agreement in your favor to set your own limitations and responsibilities.


Of course, Friends had to make it on this list. We can relate to a lot of what the characters go through. One that sticks out the most is Monica’s dedication to keeping a tidy living space, whereas Rachel hardly ever contributes to the cleaning. If you’re the Rachel, even small efforts to show that you’re willing to help out will go a long ways. If you’re the Monica, give your Rachel the chance to prove herself, even if it takes some trial and error.