Whether you want to make your favorite family recipe or just to try new foods, having an international grocery store around is always a plus. And the Port City delivers with several stores to choose from. Check out our five fave international grocery stores in Mobile, Alabama. Warning: your mouth is about to water.

Spoons of spices circling plate.

International Food and Grocery

Shopping for ingredients doesn’t have to be hard when visiting small grocery stores like International Food and Grocery. Each item is conveniently labeled in more than one language. They offer a multitude of international ingredients and groceries. Plus, they sell Turkish coffee.  

Food Pak International Foods

If cooking isn’t up your alley, then try Food Pak International Foods. They offer prepackaged meals and an in-house restaurant. Plus, customers rave about their long list of spices. Test them out with one of these smokingly spicy recipes.

Rows of spices in a grocery store.

Asian Grocery

Asian food is always a crowd favorite. The special seasonings and fresh meats used to make Asian cuisines can be found at Asian Grocery. Plus, they offer prepackaged meals for those with less time to cook or those who just haven’t perfected the skill. Bonus: they have all the ingredients necessary to make beef pho.

African Market of Mobile

The African Market of Mobile is a small, locally owned grocery store near the airport. It has options for both organic and regularly processed foods from Africa. Customers write that the owner is kind and knowledgeable about all of his products. Drop by and pick up some ingredients for Sambusa if you’re in the area.

Two Gyros on a wooden table.

7 Spice Grocery and Grill

Who doesn’t get hungry when grocery shopping? Don’t think you have to wait until you get home to eat. Go ahead and indulge in lunch or dinner before shopping. The 7 Spice Grocery and Grill offers the convenience of a restaurant and grocery store all in one. They offer traditional Greek foods and ingredients. And their gyros are delicious!