Living in a small apartment with another living creature may not sound feasible, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds. If you give your dogs the right amount of attention and care, they’ll feel right at home in your apartment, no matter how small. Here’s a round-up of the best tips for dog owners in apartments.

Text by Katherine Polcari

Dog lounges with toy.

Make Your Pup Comfortable

Whether a bed or crate, giving your dog his or her own space will make your pup more comfortable inside of your apartment — even without you being there. Also, while you’re away, leave your dog a bit of comfort with a blanket or toy that smells like you. You can even use old t-shirts to make a DIY dog toy your puppy will never want to put down.

Dog wearing towel on head.

Puppy-Proofing Is a Life-Saver — Literally

No matter how old your dog is, he or she may still be mischievous if left alone all day. For your dog’s safety, make sure to keep items like medicine, dangerous foods, and cleaning products out of reach. Even regular household items such as batteries and avocados can be harmful to dogs. To see a full list of items to keep locked away, check out this link.

happy husky at vet.

Stay Up-to-Date on Vaccinations

Living in an apartment complex can be great for your dog, with plenty of opportunities to socialize with the other animals and people in the building. However, the common living spaces can also lead to the spread of illnesses or parasites. Dog owners in apartments should talk to their veterinarians about the best preventative vaccines to keep your pup healthy — and help you avoid unnecessary vet bills in the future.

owner walks dog wearing bowtie.


Ultimately, as much as your dog loves the comfort of home, all dogs still want to go outside. Start the new year by actually doing the resolution that has been on your list since 2012: create an exercise routine that includes your furry friend. Depending on the energy level of your dog, this could range from a short walk to going on a hike or a run. If your dog has a higher energy level and needs exercise throughout the day, look for a dog sitter in your area. You might even find a helpful neighbor who loves dogs just as much as you do.