Love live storytelling but don’t have time to see a performance? Then tune into NPR and turn your Sunday drive into a show!


The Details

On Sundays from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., Birmingham’s NPR station, WBHM 90.3, broadcasts The Moth. This exciting program provides Alabamians a place to listen to storytellers from across the nation.

The Moth Radio Hour ThreeThe Background

In 1998, The Moth began as a competition on author George Dawes Green‘s NYC porch. There, his friends told riveting, unscripted tales related to one theme. Then, they decided whose story was the best. The Moth now collects stories from a wide range of speakers. In fact, The Moth has featured public health advocates, mechanical engineers and celebrities like Ethan Hawke. There’s even a place for you to tell your own story!

Live Events

The Moth offers live programs in cities across the United States. There, one can watch and listen as storytellers weave their tales. Events are organized around a theme. For instance, one recent episode featured stories about the Vietnam War. Another episode The Moth Radio Hour Fourgathered tales of the impossible. If you can’t catch a plane, you can catch The Moth Radio Hour on WBHM. Also, you can see videos of live shows on The Moth’s YouTube channel.

How to Participate

Think you’ve got a tale to tell? Then submit your own story pitch. You might just find yourself on the Moth stage. Visit their website, where you can record a two minute story. Alternately, you can submit a 200 word summary of the story you’d like to tell.

The Moth Radio Hour OneInteresting Moths

Did you ever wonder what happened to Steve, the host of Blues Clues? Or what life was like for nurses in the Vietnam War?  Whether they bring you to tears or laughter, these stories will change the way you see — and hear — the world.


Text by Jonathon Page