You can find them everywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters. Whether textured, tufted, or printed, tapestries are at the top in the realm of trendy decorating. Try one of our five favorite ways to decorate with a tapestry in your apartment.

Text by Martha Kendall Custard

Hang It on a Wall

This is the most obvious option. You can choose to hang the tapestry loosely or tightly, depending on the aesthetic you prefer. Tapestries make great accents to walls in any room of your apartment or house. They also make great backdrops for selfies.

Put It on the Ceiling

If you’re tired of looking up in bed to see a dull, grey-toned ceiling, consider sprucing it up with a tapestry. You can put the tapestry up on the ceiling so that it hangs down a bit, giving your bedroom a cozy fort-vibe.

decorative wall tapestry.
Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

Make a Canopy Bed

Never got that princess canopy bed as a kid? Don’t sweat it, there’s still time. You can use a tapestry to create a canopy bed in your room. You’ll be living out your childhood dream while keeping up with the latest decorating trends.

Use It as a Curtain

If you’re tired of looking at your boring blinds all day, hang a tapestry in place of drapes. This is a unique way to jazz up a room’s décor. You can also hang tapestries from the ceiling as a room divider in a studio apartment.

woman sits by hanging tapestry.
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

Use It as a Bedspread

If you’ve already decorated your walls, consider using a tapestry as a bedspread. Place the tapestry over whatever blanket or comforter you sleep with. Most tapestries aren’t comfy enough to use as a blanket, so we recommend you just add a tapestry to your current set of bedding.