During this time of social distancing, you might be worried about being able to get the best food for your pets. Even if you do head out to the store, you may find that they have a limited inventory. Thankfully, with delivery becoming more popular, there are many wonderful options that’ll bring your precious pet’s food straight to your apartment door. Here are the top five best pet food delivery services. 

Text by Kassie Roberts


Ollie specializes in fresh, human-grade food for your dog. It’s the most customizable option and offers 50% off your first box. Ollie provides a survey in order to “get to know your pup.” That’s how they determine specialized suggestions for your fur baby’s health and taste. Their options also include veterinarian-formed plans for any pup that needs a special diet.

Woman kneels to give a treat to a Siamese cat sitting in autumn leaves.

Cat Person

Cat Person not only offers their own brand of wet and dry cat food, but also has a variety of treats and toys that can be delivered. Similar to Ollie, Cat Person offers a survey to find out what formula will fit best for your feline friend. Cat Person’s goal is to provide excellent food to your cat, because food is definitely love.

Two brown and beige guinea pigs chewing lettuce.
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Pet Plate

Pet Plate follow’s Ollie’s format almost to perfection. They have a variety of recipes as well as completely balanced meals checked by a veterinarian. Pet Plate prides itself on the fact that everything is completely USA made and sourced. Their food contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

Blue budgie stands against a white tin that says "Bird Food."
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Chewy is an excellent resource for owners of any type of pet, from birds to puppers. Chewy sells almost all dog and cat food brands, including some veterinary exclusives. They also have treats, toys, and other accessories. Chewy is well-known for its free shipping and great deals on high quality foods. Their customer service is phenomenal and they’re always willing to help.

Dalmation sitting up waiting for treat to fall in his mouth.
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PetFlow is a lot like Chewy, though it’s limited to dog and cat supplies. They also carry RX specific diets and life stages foods. Plus, they offer beds, cat litter, and other pet necessities you may need during social distancing. And they offer a variety of great sales on specific food brands. The most popular offer is that you can earn $10 just by referring their website to someone else.