Single on Valentine’s Day? Good! Get some red wine and a really good book, because this year it’s all about self love. We’re fighting the concept that you’re alone and miserable without a date on what is known as the most romantic holiday of the year. You’re your own best company, after all, so get ready for a fabulous night in. Here are five of our Valentine’s Day Musts for single ladies.


Young girls happily eats pizza.Food

It’s so satisfying knowing that no one is around to judge your taste in junk food — and you don’t have to share any of it. Plus,there’s also nothing wrong with buying or making a fancy dinner just for yourself. Who deserves that delight more than you? This Valentine’s Day, go ahead and eat to your heart’s content. We recommend chocolate-covered strawberries and pizza (the culinary dream team). Also, sweet and salty foods are a match made in heaven. Try out this salted caramel cookie recipe if you’re skeptical.   


MoviesYoung woman watches tv on couch.

You’re never truly alone with strong female movie characters like Elle Woods and Mulan to admire. These leading ladies find strength in themselves and in those around them. From Elizabeth to Wild, there’s a plethora of movies that don’t rely solely on romance for the plot. Not in the mood for a movie? This is your night — binge-watch your fave series. The Galentine’s Day episode of Parks and Recreation (season 2, episode 6) is, of course, a perfect place to start.


Woman lounges with tea and book.Books

Grab a big blanket, flip on a heater (or start a fire, if you have a fireplace), and let your mind take you places you won’t want to miss. Reading allows you to forget about the world for a period of time. It can also stimulate your vocabulary, which becomes useful if people harass you about staying in on Valentine’s Day. We suggest James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club: 1st to Die. It’s not what you’re thinking. A team of four women search for a serial killer who targets newlyweds.


TherapeuticsYoung woman relaxes in bath.

Draw yourself a nice bath and relax. Lukewarm or scorching water, that’s up to you. If you have bath bombs, oils or bath salts, go ahead and toss those in. Light some candles, turn on calming music, and soak. Sometimes adding a book or a glass of wine can heighten the experience.



By the end of the day, you’ll have earned a good night’s sleep. If you don’t already have one, buy a heated eye mask. Trust us, they’re lifesavers. Slip the mask over your eyes and imagine all the clearance chocolate awaiting you tomorrow.


Text by Sarah Vice