If you want to do something a little different this year, try spending spring break in Nashville, Tennessee. Sure, there may not be beaches, but who wants an overcrowded sandpit? The mountains, shopping, activities, and cool air might be just what you need this year. There are endless attractions just steps away from your Nashville apartment.

A group of people smiling and holding alcoholic drinks.The Crawl of Fame

College life can be hard, but drinking with your friends or strangers isn’t. The Crawl of Fame helps push you towards all the best bars and clubs in town. It’s a scavenger hunt and an all-access pass to the best local spots. Get your camera ready and grab your friends, because this is a night out you won’t want to miss.

Goo Goo Clusters Shop and Dessert BarA gumball machine sitting on a counter next to candy containers.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, then try out this deliciously fun sweet shop that blends a cooking class with a classic treat. Goo Goo Clusters is a novelty in Nashville, as it was one of the first multi-ingredient candy bars to hit the states. This sweet shop teaches you the candy’s history and how to make it. Plus, you get a coupon to enjoy other candy in the store when you’re done.

A crowd at a concert with smoke and light show.Bridgestone Arena

During Spring Break, there are always plenty of cool bands and performances to check out at the Bridgestone arena. For starters, P!nk is performing March 10th, The Book of Mormon play will be on the 14th, and Mumford and Sons will make an appearance March 22nd. Three different events, but all fun to go see.

Dave and Buster’sWoman in yellow dress and beige hate playing air hockey in an arcade.

Multiply Chuck E. Cheese by 10 and add in adult beverages and you have Dave and Buster’s. This arcade and bar is the perfect place to forget about finals, work or any other responsibilities. You can watch sports events, eat off of their delicious menu, and play several different styles of games.

Two guys wearing St. Patrick's Day costumes and holding green beer.Music City Irish Festival

Nashville doesn’t shy away from Irish traditions as it hosts its annual Music City Irish Festival on March 17th. This event is free to the public and hosts 10 musical performances. And if you get thirsty from dancing too much, you can always stop by McNamara’s Irish Pub.