It’s that time of year again. The sun shines. Shorts and t-shirts make their first appearance. And mosquito bites start coming from nowhere. When you’re out and about, it’s easy to spray on or rub in repellant. But what about when you’re at home? Luckily, some plants repel mosquitos. Here are a few plants that get rid of the pesky bugs — and make a gorgeous garden!

RosemaryRosemary plants.

Rosemary’s a herb with a deep, almost woody scent. This scent keeps mosquitos far away. Rosemary does best in hot climates. You can also grow rosemary in containers, which helps transition to colder seasons. If you’re looking to add a little decor to your apartment, you can even prune the plant into different shapes. Check out this guide on how to make a simple cone shape. Plus, rosemary’s delicious as a seasoning in any dish, making it a very versatile pick.


BasilPotted basil plant.

Basil is also a herb. This herb has a smell that also keeps flies away. With several strains of basil available, you can mix it up in your garden. Basil grows best when kept damp in direct sunlight, so this plant looks lovely as a window sill decoration.


LavenderLavender plants in field.

Lavender’s known as a scent of relaxation. Who knew it could put your mosquito woes to rest as well? You can use it in plant form or use the oil for topical application. The lavender plant does well in many climates and thrives in warmer weather.


MarigoldsMarigolds in field.

Marigolds are an annual flower, making them easy to tend to. Place potted marigolds on patios or doorsteps to create a barrier against bugs. Marigolds keep away crop-destroying worms and whiteflies, and they keep the potential for mosquito infestation low. Marigolds are a must for the South.

Scented GeraniumsPotted citronella.

Geraniums, or specifically Citronella, are known mosquito repellants. This is another plant that can be used in its natural state or applied to the skin to create a topical barrier. Geraniums thrive in many climates and withstand extreme temperatures quite well.


These plants provide easy protection from mosquitoes (and other insects) in your living space. Keep in mind that using bug repellent while running errands or enjoying a ball game is recommended. West Nile disease and other viruses that mosquitoes may carry create more than an annoying, itchy bite.


Text by Jazelyn Little