Should you live alone or with a roommate? There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question. Both choices have pros and cons that you should factor into your decision-making process. If you need help making that choice, consider these common reasons why people choose one over the other.

Text by Kendal Harris

Should You Live with a Roommate?

woman hugging another woman at home

You won’t be lonely:

If your best friend is your roommate, then prepare for a sleepover party that doesn’t stop. If you’re not close with your roommate, that’s okay too. Your life doesn’t have to exactly mimic the cast of Friends. Either way, having someone else around the apartment won’t make you feel as lonely.

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You’ll save money:

Having your own apartment can be expensive. On top of rent, you need to pay utilities, groceries and you can’t forget to furnish the place. Having a roommate or several roommates cuts the cost down. You can split the cost of all your bills amongst everyone and save some money.

two women moving a box

You’ll have help:

Adulting is hard. You’ve got to cook, clean, work and still make sure you’re a functioning person, too. With a roommate, though, you can split the responsibilities. You can take turns doing the grocery shopping and the cooking. Don’t forget about splitting the chores. Having a roommate can bring convenience and make this adulting thing a little bit easier.

Should You Live Alone?

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You’ll have to share:

We’re well past the days of our parents forcing us to share our toys. But if you weren’t big on the sharing thing then, you definitely won’t like it now. And having a roommate means sharing a lot of things. From the food and bathroom to the personal side of things, sharing an apartment also means partially sharing your life.

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You won’t have as much privacy:

Having to share also means a lack of privacy. If you feel like you need privacy, then consider living alone. Not having a roommate means you can do what you want, whenever you want. That includes having guests over and not being a super clean freak. That also includes drinking milk straight out of the jug, but we won’t judge.

women on couch arguing

You might have conflicts:

Bring it on. Literally. If you’re not ready to have the smackdown of the century over who ate the last granola bar, then maybe you should live by yourself. Having a roommate is like a relationship. It requires respect, compromise, and dealing with conflict in a healthy way. If you don’t want to risk problems with a potential roommate, prepare to live alone.