Imagine this: it’s a Friday night and you just moved into your new apartment. You and your roommate are sitting there in an awkward silence. You both decide that it’s time to fill the silence with some music, but whose music? The decision comes down to creating a collaborative playlist, but which streaming service is best for sharing music with roommates?

Text by Jonathan Mendoza


  • Spotify has about 30 million+ songs in their catalog of music.
  • They offer personalized playlists, like the Discover Weekly or Daily Mix, specifically tailored to your listening habits.
  • Spotify can be used across various devices and operating systems and even includes integration features with Amazon and Google products.
  • You can incorporate your own music purchases, but the downfall with Spotify is that they’re found in a separate tab within the app.
  • The social feature is enabled by linking your Facebook account or creating a profile. This allows users to connect with others and see what their friends are listening to.
  • Spotify offers a free feature, but paying for a subscription allows you to listen offline with no ads.

Apple Music

  • Apple Music offers a catalog of roughly 45 million+ songs.
  • When creating an account for Apple Music, you pick your preferences of artists and genres. Apple then finds playlists that match those preference. However, it doesn’t offer personalized playlists like Spotify.
  • Apple Music recently developed some integration features with Amazon and Google products. Like Spotify, Apple Music is available across various devices and operating systems as well, including Androids.
  • You can incorporate your own music purchases with the streaming service as well. With Apple Music, your music integrates within the streaming service and has a search option as well.
  • The social aspect of Apple Music allows you to follow friends who have an Apple Music account and see what they’re listening to and share playlists, but it doesn’t link with Facebook.
  • Unlike Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t have a free feature, but with a subscription, you get full access to all aspects with no ads.

Both services have their ups and downs for the various features that they offer. Regardless of what you choose, you and your roommate won’t be sitting in silence for much longer with access to all the hits of the past and present.