The holidays may be the most wonderful and magical time of the year. But it sure can get expensive really fast. Especially when it comes to exchanging gifts among friends.

A great way to beat your holiday budget? Throw a Secret Santa party with your friend group!

Gift From Secret Santa.

Here’s beauty of Secret Santa: you draw the name of one other member of your friend group. That means you only have to buy a gift for one friend in your group. This will save you tons of money. Also, everyone will still feel appreciated. It’s a great approach for roommates, friends, family and coworkers.Exchange Secret Santa Gifts Group.

You can draw names out of a hat the traditional way. However, you would all have to be in the same room together. An app called Elfster makes a great modern alternative to the hat. In the app, an organizer creates the exchange group. Then, they get a link that can be sent via email or text to others in the group. Participants make an account and join the group by a certain date. On that date, Elfster draws and sends names to each individual. That way, who gets who is a total secret. Elfster has other great features like wish lists, drawing restrictions so couples cannot pull one another and more!

Secret Santa Three

Once you have your name, get to shopping. Finding the perfect gift for one friend is much more realistic (and affordable) than finding gifts for everyone.

Then, you can throw a party around Christmas. That way, everyone can exchange their gifts and celebrate the Holidays together. You can even have the presents piled anonymously in the center of a circle so people can guess who their Santa was!

Piled Gifts From Secret Santa.

If your group is very budget conscious, no worries! You could exchange funny socks, $10 gift cards or Christmas cookies. This is also a great approach with large groups of people who might not know each other very well. Another idea is to do a Secret Santa gag gift exchange where everyone gifts something strange, funny or embarrassing. Be ready to laugh — and to blush!

Secret Santa High Five Friends

Have fun shopping! And Happy Holidays!