Who’s afraid of the big, bad roommate? I definitely am. We’ve all heard the horror stories — dirty underwear lying around, dishes piled higher than Mount Everest, bags of trash collecting by the front door. But what’s the worst of the worst? We can take a shot, but we’re guessing some of you might already own t-shirts with phrases like “I survived the worst roommate of all time.” I mean, forget Alabama’s 2014 snowpocalypse after you made it past living with that guy.

roommate2Let’s start the list off with my own roommate. Oh, but where to begin? Being financially independent and living with a dude that depends on his mom for everything is… well, it’s definitely not ideal. Once, he walked in with several trash bags of clean clothes and informed me that his mom had done 17 loads of laundry for him so he could now, “go another semester without doing laundry.” I can’t have friends over without him randomly emerging from his cave and slipping coasters under our drinks and making sure the deck of playing cards is perfectly lined up with the corner of the table. Yet, the Christmas tree his mom set up in our living room in November is still there (yes, in May — I don’t know if I’m more upset by its existence or the giant red top hat it sports instead of a star).

He slept on the couch every day for a month before we finally convinced him that sleeping in the common area every night was unfair to those of us that wake up at a reasonable hour and have to sneak around his corpse. I mean, my boyfriend will go to work at 7 am, return at 5 pm and Roomie is still in the same position as he was 10 hours prior. He’s obsessed with my best friend so she’s completely uncomfortable coming to my house. And that’s just the beginning.

He hasn’t cleaned his bathroom since move-in day, and it’s now completely uninhabitable. Ah, the joys of roommate living.

So, shock and surprise us: what’s your worst roommate experience? (No names and no profanity please. Also, if you’re the bad roommate, feel free to out yourself. Acknowledgment is the first step.)