Nobody wants a roommate that pretends you don’t exist. You know, the guy who never spoke a word to you and was hardly ever home? But, what’s worse? The roommate who has no interest in friendship, or the girl who’s a bit TOO personal?

At first, it was great. She obviously wanted to be your friend — which is exactly what you needed to naviagte a new school or a new neighborhood. She wanted to get coffee, watch movies, and . . . share clothes.

Which was totally fine — within limits. She had cute clothes, you had cute clothes, why not mix and match? It’s just common sense to ask first and return quickly, right? Apparently not in everyone’s world. This girl had more of an “ask for forgiveness, not permission” policy. Annoying Roommates Birmingham Apartments.

The problems started when you were late for lunch, tearing apart your closet in search of that ONE tank top. The only one that would do. After what felt like back-breaking hours of search (maybe five minutes in reality), you had to settle for a t-shirt. It was an all-or-nothing kind of day.

When you got back later that afternoon, in walked Roomie, wearing THE tank top. You raised your eyebrows, but chalked it up to a misunderstanding to be sorted out later.

As we all know, confrontations left for “later” never actually happen, so she took your clothes again. And again. And finally one night, you were getting ready for a date. You reached in the closet for your LBD, but it was nowhere to be found. You were furious. How could she take your favorite dress? How could the cutest guy on the planet fall in love with you in the blue dress with the weird stain on it? The “borrowing” was becoming a real issue. Didn’t she have her own clothes?

Then came the rent problem. While borrowing your clothes was annoying, this girl seemed to think that your money was hers, too. It was always the same story. She had to pay to get her car fixed last week, or her sister’s visit drained her wallet, or money was just tight that month. She never could come up with the rent on her own, so you found yourself spending more and more each month trying to help her out. Coupled with your ever-shrinking wardrobe, this roomie became unbearable. You wanted a friendly roommate, not a leech.

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