There’s nothing worse than getting a wake up call from your roommate’s mother. Your phone rings, and through your sleepy eyes you see a number you don’t recognize. It turns out to be your roommate’s mother asking where her child is, as if you would even know. Not only is it seven o’clock in the morning, but you also haven’t seen your roommate in two days.

She’s the kind of roommate that lives with you, but doesn’t. She’s the lone wolf, the Alpha who walks past you in the living room and says ‘see you later’ — and she means it, because you won’t see her for four days.

shutterstock_342106352At first, it was fine. Great, even. You wanted to live by yourself but couldn’t afford to, and now you have a roommate who’s basically a ghost. You’ve never once gotten mad, not even during the snowy weekend when she left you home alone for three days straight. You’ve moved along, acting like everything’s fine and dandy — until that phone call from your roommate’s frantic mother.

Her mother yells into the phone: “Have you talked to her today?” The answer is no, because the entire world is still asleep. You can’t help but roll your eyes. You’ve never been worried about your roommate’s disappearances before, so why should you worry now? Besides, you know she can handle herself. Still, you humor her mom by checking every nook and cranny just to make sure she isn’t hiding anywhere. “Is her car outside?” Her mother asks, probably even more franticly than before. You mumble something as you step out onto the balcony just to confirm that no, her car is nowhere to be seen. Then you politely say goodbye, telling her that if you see your roommate you’ll tell her to call her mother.

It turns out that your roommate is fine. She answers your text an hour later, telling you that she was just staying at her friends house. A sigh of relief passes through you, because even though your roommate’s secretive ways drive you nuts, she’s still your friend. You’ve gotten used to her coming and going as she pleases — you just hope you won’t have to get used to panicked wake-up calls from her mom.

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