Sharing your home with those you are close with can be bizarre in more ways than one. Whether it’s your best friend or your boyfriend, be prepared for one thing: a complete loss of privacy.

Living with your best friend:

Best friends having coffee.There is no such thing as spending too much time together when it comes to your best friend. You more than likely do everything together anyway, and if you must be apart, you are probably facetime-ing to make up for it.

Your apartment is probably decorated from ceiling to floor, because keeping your space cozy and cute is always a priority. This creates a perfect area for all those Netflix binge watching marathons you have scheduled for most nights. Your tastes probably don’t differ on much, which is why you two are so close. From movies to throw pillows, you and your best bud are almost always on the same page.

Unless one of you have mastered the art of cooking, ordering Chinese and frozen pizzas are a sure thing for most dinners. Why? Cooking takes patience, and you two are probably gushing over or venting about each of your days after work or school. Pulling yourselves out of that conversation never proves to be easy, and why try when leftover pasta is always better the next day, right?

Don’t bother organizing your closet, neither of you are sure where one closet begins and the other ends. Sharing all your stuff with one another means never really know where something might be. You know your best friend loves your shoe collection, so finding a pair together is unlikely in a short amount of time. It’s always worth it though to expand your one closet into two because who doesn’t love more options?

Beware of conflict. Fighting with your best friend and roommate all in one can be messier than a normal roommate. A few choice words were thrown around, and now your apartment is a cloud of passive-aggressive behavior. A week goes by and one of you caves, and a small wave of the white flag like showing up with coffee at their work will end it all, and you two are back to your binge watching schedule.

Living with your Boyfriend:

Couple in kitchen.Up until the point of moving in together, you have done your best to mask your flaws and quirks from one another. You know just as well as anyone, sharing a roof unveils even the most embarrassing of secrets. You can only get away with waiting for him to fall asleep to put in your retainer so many times before the jig is up. You know what you signed up for; it’s time to put love to the test.

Shopping for your apartment together is not the easiest task to accomplish. Those furry pillows are non-negotiable, but neither is that plastic lamp with the lady’s leg as the base he so cherishes. Compromise is the key to relationships and lease agreements, so knowing how to pick your battles will benefit the both of you.

Living with your partner gives you more time to do things together, like cooking. Going out to eat every night can begin to add up, especially if one of you grabs the check more often. Cooking allows for your time to be spent doing something together as a team.

When living with your significant other, cleaning becomes more of a priority than usual. Sharing a bedroom, bathroom and, even sometimes, a closet can force a person to be tidy. Being held accountable by your boyfriend holds more weight than your equally messy best friend.

Lastly, a fight with your roommate can force you to reside in your room, but when you’re fighting with the person you share a room with there’s a good chance you two will be forced to resolve things quicker. The silent treatment doesn’t work quite as well in this scenario.

Living with people you are close with can be both fun and difficult and times. Be sure you’re prepared for the journey before taking the plunge.

Who do you think has it better? People living with their best friends or people living with significant others? Let us know in the comments.