While the downtown area of Birmingham may have a few quieter areas, nothing beats the charming haven of Edgewood. This Birmingham neighborhood is part of Homewood, which is popular among students and families with young children. Edgewood is home to popular local restaurants such as Saw’s and Taco Mama, and its proximity to other popular Birmingham neighborhoods makes it a great place to live.

Spaghetti.Recently, Vinnie Baggs has joined these establishments in Edgewood. The new location opened up on January 13, 2017 and has seen many customers, both old and new. Owners and brothers Tim and Pete Vakakes are no strangers to the Birmingham restaurant business. The two owned the original PT’s Sports Grill off of Hollywood Boulevard before pursuing this Chicago-style restaurant and bar.

With limited seating and a great menu, Vinnie Baggs is sure to stay packed. The family-owned and operated business brings a blend of Italian and Greek influences, with Vakakes’s wife, Diane, hailing from Chicago. The bar also offers beer, wine and cocktails to pair with their selection of sandwiches, pastas and platters.

Like other Birmingham restaurants, Vinnie Baggs brings together the best of food, family and community. With all of the options in Edgewood, the choice of where to grab dinner just got even more difficult.

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