Living on the Edge(wood)

Imagine the charm of Downtown Homewood filled with classic Birmingham restaurants, and that is Edgewood. With green space galore, delicious food and much to do, Edgewood is the perfect suburban paradise for those looking for something more. This Birmingham neighborhood is highly coveted by locals and its residents, so apartments in Edgewood tend to fill up fast. For students and those looking to be close to the best of Birmingham, it’s hard to beat Edgewood’s scenic location.

Restaurants and Bars

Edgewood Creamery
Nabeel’s Cafe and Market
New York Pizza
Sam’s Deli & Grill
Sprout & Pour
Vinnie Baggs

Homewood Schools

Shades Cahaba Elementary School
Edgewood Elementary School
Hall-Kent Elementary
Homewood Middle School
Homewood High School
Creative Montessori
Our Lady of Sorrows
John Carroll Catholic High School
Samford University