Tanesha Sims-Summers and Tiffany Turner turned their childhood dreams into a popping business called Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn Co. This artisan kettle corn company is well loved in the Birmingham community. Bonus: grab a punch card and your sixth bag is free.

What about Birmingham inspires you to create your signature kettle corn?

A glass bowl of kettle corn covered in cinnamon with a few cinnamon sticks laying on the table in front of it. Next to the bowl there is a blue and white punch card that says "5 POPS and your 6th is FREE" at the bottom their website "www.nbnkettlecorn.com"Well the answer to this is pretty simple. Being native to this city and being apart of the tremendous business growth has been exciting. There is such rich historical culture here and being able to name a flavor with such a unique blend encapsulates the greatness of Birmingham. It shows our pride for the city and continues an energy and a brand that is being recreated about the Magic City!

What is your favorite thing to do in Birmingham?

My favorite thing in Birmingham has been to enjoy the natural scenery at Railroad Park and, over the most recent years, experience some of the wonderful new community events and restaurants, many of which we have drawn inspiration for flavors and offering a customer experience. It’s also a pleasure to expose my husband and children to the entrepreneurial and overall business growth in the city. We LOVE food!

What is your favorite flavor of Naughty but Nice Kettle Corn?

Hands down the Cheddar Makes It Better is the most addictive, unique flavor we offer. I’m a cheesy person and the unique blendĀ of sweet and savory will knock your socks off.

Why do you like having a strong presence in your community?

Having a strong presence in my community connects the dots as an entrepreneur. It brings purpose to all of my hard work. It takes the focus away from just making money and adds an element of selflessness to this journey. I feel having a business with a growing brand is an opportunity to use the platform as a voice as well as a stage to show the importance of pouring back into your community. Since your community is truly the base of your growth, you have to show love. It’s my happy place to know I can inspire others as well as be inspired at the same time.

Why is Alabama the perfect market to share your unique product?

Alabama is the perfect market because for years it’s been known as “the city with so much potential.” Most of the contiguous states have out shined Alabama in the minds of most travel enthusiasts and, many times, natives as well. I think this is the time and the place for NBNKC and something people can be proud of here. There are so many great businesses migrating here, and I believe it’s because the potential is finally being realized. I never wanted to be on the sidelines when this happened. I always hoped I would be a part of the game and being able to contribute to this great city. It’s great to be a part of the influence and growth that’s happening. We plan to really make this city POP and be known for all of the great things we’ve traditionally looked for other states like Georgia, Florida and Tennessee to offer. We are humbled and blessed to have such a well-received product. We thank each and every POPhead for being Loyal as we learn and grow.