Hot Diggity Dogs is the newest addition to Avondale’s increasing market of tasty eats. Head chef Tom Bagby has frontlined many kitchens in Birmingham’s history (you may most recently remember him as the mastermind of Bottletree’s kitchen), and now he brings his creativity and unique flavors to an American tradition — the hot dog.

Avondale Alabama is home to Hot Diggity Dogs.What’s your legacy with hot dogs?

I don’t really have a legacy beyond just being around such amazing hot dogs here in Birmingham my whole life. Birmingham always gets looked over in regards to a lot of things. But, especially the hot dogs. I’ll put a Birmingham dog up against any other dog in the country.

How did so many combinations of dogs come to be?

It’s like working with any sort of ingredient. You have your base flavors. Then, you just sort of start to expand from there based on ideas. It’s all trial and error.

Why Avondale for Hot Diggity Dogs?

I was given the opportunity to do it here in Avondale, and I can’t think of a better place! I’ve been working in the neighborhood for over a decade now. I love it here.

Hot Diggity Dogs in Avondale Alabama.

Any must-do things in Avondale for an out of towner? (We assume they’ll need a hot dog.)

Yeah, grab a hot dog and hit the park. Then, go to Saturn and check out a concert! But, honestly, there’s so much rad stuff happening in the neighborhood. Especially if you like to eat and drink. The whole strip is an adventure.

What’s the dog everyone should try at Hot Diggity Dogs?

Right now, I’d say the Sayonara Dog [pickled ginger and seaweed relish are involved]. It’s got a lot of big flavors. But, we’re trying to come up with new, creative and fun hot dogs all the time. Ask me again next week!

Hot Diggity Dogs is at 430 41st Street South, Suite B in Avondale. The restaurant is open Tues-Thurs, 11am-midnight and Fri-Sat, 11am-1am. Hot Diggity Dogs is closed on Sunday and Monday. 

All photos courtesy of Hot Diggity Dogs.