Local flow artist, Lily Lanter, brings hundreds of people to TrimTab Brewing every month for her event, The Happening. Artists, fire spinners and people hanging from the ceiling (as well as lots of great beer) are just a few things you will come across at this unique event.

birmingham apartments the happening fire.

What is The Happening?

The Happening is a time and place set aside each month for the regional art community to gather, express themselves, share their gifts, inspire collaborate and critique one another.

What inspired this event?

The event was inspired through my travels to various music and transformational festivals, as well as my lifelong infatuation and involvement in the arts.

Why do you think The Happening thrives in Birmingham?

I think The Happening thrives in Birmingham because the local art community has been missing a consistent place to congregate. Maybe even more so than that, Birmingham in general has been craving something different, something fresh and exciting. People instinctively want to explore new things, and the happening provides any person in the art community or anyone that isn’t in the art community an opportunity to explore new art forms.
birmingham apartments the happening fire spinning.

Where are your favorite places to go in Birmingham?

I love going to Golden temple. It is the saving grace of Birmingham — a local, homegrown store that provides all your spiritual and health needs. Another favorite of mine is Railroad Park. It has a beautiful view and provides community workout equipment and fitness classes. As far as food goes, my all time favorite is El Barrio. Killer margaritas and phenomenal food. Not to mention great service and all around good vibes.

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What can we expect at the next event?

We have some extra special features in store. It will be a party you definitely don’t want to miss. There will be experimental projections, an interactive crafting station and photo booth, fire dancers, live painters, acrobats, belly dancers, DJs and live music. All art forms are welcome. The only rule is 21 and up.