Joni Moore, creator of Handmade JEMs, has lived in Birmingham for most of her life. As an art student, Joni is constantly working on new and exciting creations — including her up-and-coming line of handmade, organic bath products. Her products will undoubtedly be seen more and more often in popular Birmingham shopping spots.


1. When did you begin making your products?

I started experimenting with making different scrubs and bath bombs in December of this past year, so I’m still fairly new to making bath products. I’m still learning, which is great because I’m in the stage of finding exactly what products I personally like to make and use. My favorites then become a Handmade JEMs product.

handmade_jems_store_display (1)

2. How did your products go from a hobby to a business?

When I first started playing around with making scrubs and bath bombs, I did them just for me and would give them to friends and family as gifts. This past December, I decided to make everyone a small jar of peppermint sugar scrub and small bath bombs I molded from a muffin pan. When I got really positive feedback about my gifts, I had a friend encourage me that I could really start a business making bath bombs and scrubs and begin selling them through Lily Magnolia Boutique. I immediately jumped on this idea and was so excited to finally settle on which products I wanted to make and sell.


3. Can you explain the significance behind the name “Handmade JEMs”?

JEM are my initials that stand for Joni Ellen Moore. Growing up, my friends and family always joked around saying that I was a “jem” (as in gemstone). So, I figured I could continue to use that play on words with my own business to make it personal, and I really feel like it fits my products as they are their own jems!


4. Where are your products available?

Although I don’t personally have a storefront yet, all of my bath bombs are available at Lily Magnolia Boutique at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover. Because I also sell scrubs and other custom bath bombs, I also take orders through messages to my Handmade JEMs Facebook page as well as through texts or calls to my number, 205-212-0432. In the near future, I am looking towards expanding my business to Etsy.


5. What makes Birmingham a good place to start your growing business?

Birmingham has been my home for almost my entire life, so I’m thrilled that it’s been growing into a tight community that supports local businesses and artists. It’s so great to see all the farmer’s markets, boutiques and locally-owned businesses that are absolutely thriving right now. It truly makes Birmingham, Birmingham, and I’m honored to become a part of it.