A new addition to downtown Birmingham, Bohemian Bop is a boutique that boasts unique clothing and provides many services (sewing classes, custom shirts, etc.) to customers. Owner Heather Wylie believes in the power of sharing and supporting local art, so you can be sure that the items you purchase are truly unique. Your Birmingham shopping trip won’t be complete without a visit toBohemian Bop.

What made you decide to open up in the Magic City?

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My personal life brought me to Birmingham, and I love it. I never thought I would end up here — not in a million years. I never realized what the Magic City had to offer.

Your business offers a lot of products and services (clothing, art, custom shirts, sewing classes). How do you decide what to offer? 

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We do offer a lot, and it is mostly decided by the people. I take feedback well, listen to what people want, what they like and do not. T-shirts are a constant, they are like Vanilla ice cream, no matter what I roll out, the classic white tee never loses popularity. The high-end garments are what I love the most. The beautifully-printed silks and flowy silhouettes are what I dream of and seem to be the “wow” factor. The sewing classes are a very new addition. In speaking with people, they are always impressed that I sew and say, “I would love to know how to sew.” There is also a huge generation gap— most of the really good sewers are in retirement or run their own alterations businesses. I think there is a growing market for trade positions, and I hope I can help fill that void. I would love to open a  full-on school of fashion in the near future.


Why is it important to support local artists and designers?

I believe it is important to support local artists and designers because it is investing in the local economy. If we are invested in, and able to grow, our companies, we can in turn invest more in our city by using local resources, employment and collaborating with other locals.

What has been the best part about opening your new store?

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The best part of opening my store is seeing my vision realized and sharing it with the people. I have met so many great folks who like my work, and it means the world to me when someone seeks me out. My store is an extension of myself, and it is a way for me to connect with like minded people.

What do you think your customers appreciate the most about Bohemian Bop?

I believe my customers appreciate the fact that when they come in Bohemian Bop, they are not buying just a product, but a lifestyle and experience. They can see where the magic happens, a little bit of the process, sometimes meet the designer, purchase art and be inspired. We have such cool things in here from other local artists, and it really adds that extra sparkle to BB.

Bohemian Bop is located at 2115 1st Avenue North and is open Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm.

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