Ben and Wendy Treadwell turned their love for ice cream into a moving business. Their unique blend of cookies and ice cream are a favorite for anyone who passes by their truck. They are constantly rotating their flavors year round, and are working on adding new flavors for guests to enjoy.

Two stacks of three cookies and ice cream sandwiches. There are cookies like chocolate chip, double chocolate, snickerdoodle, sugar filled with various types of ice cream.What inspires the cookies and ice cream you create?

We are inspired by flavors we grew up eating. Our Cinnamon Sugar ice cream was inspired by one of Wendy’s favorite flavors growing up, Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. Most people have not had cinnamon ice cream, so they are always pleasantly surprised when they try a sample.

We also try to take classic cookie and ice cream flavors, like Vanilla and Chocolate Chip, and make them unique. Hopefully they are the best you have ever tasted! Wendy’s time in the Oxmoor House Test Kitchen also gave her a chance to experiment with and try a lot of flavors. She still draws inspiration from the recipes her and her coworkers tested.

What is a must try for any customer?

They definitely need to create their own ice cream sandwich. For newcomers to the truck, we usually suggest a classic combo of chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream. For those who are a little more adventurous, we would suggest snickerdoodle cookies paired with either cookie butter or cinnamon sugar ice cream. Our new brownie cookie, which is a homemade brownie inside two chocolate chip cookies, is also a must try.

Where is your favorite place to park your truck?

Our favorite parking spot would probably have to be Ross Bridge. It was the first place we ever set up shop and we had an amazing response that first night. We have really enjoyed getting to know our “regulars” in the neighborhood, as well as meeting people from out of town who are just staying for the weekend. However, we cannot forget some of our other favorite spots like The SummitWest Homewood Farmer’s Market and Pepper Place.

What is your favorite ice cream?

It depends on when you ask us! We are always changing our minds. Ben’s favorite was Peppermint over the holidays. Now, he would probably say Cookie Butter or Strawberry Buttermilk. When we first started, Wendy’s favorite was Cinnamon Sugar. Right now, Cookies & Cream or Chocolate is her favorite.

What is your favorite thing to do in Birmingham?

We love to eat! Birmingham has such a great food scene. We still have a long list of restaurants we need to try, but Saw’s and El Barrio are probably our favorite local restaurants.