It seems that no matter how hard we try, bugs always seem to find a way in. Bugs tend to target apartments because it’s a small space that’s difficult to clean. Sometimes, due to the lack of space, we cram clothing and other objects tight into designated spots. Dirty dishes and unvacuumed floors are also a welcoming sight to bug infestations. However, strong pesticides can damage indoor air quality — and, with most of us spending more time indoors than ever, that’s not good. Here are some natural bug repellents that’ll keep those pesky bugs out of your apartment.

Text by Kassie Roberts

Image by mitchf1 from Pixabay

Natural Oils

Several kinds of essential oils are excellent at repelling those dastardly mosquitoes. Lavender and lemon eucalyptus oils are some of the most popular, but there are many others that will work for even the pickiest nose.

Image by Gábor Adonyi from Pixabay

Indoor Plants

Not only are plants a fun and cute way to add decor to your apartment, but they can also work as bug repellents. Basil repels houseflies and mosquitoes. They are most effective if placed by windows or doors. Chrysanthemums are a beautiful addition to your living space that repel lice and roaches as a bonus. These are but a few out of many excellent options for your apartment.

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Mosquito Bracelets

These wonderful bracelets protect you from mosquitoes but don’t require you to use a strong-smelling bug spray. The bracelets use natural Citronella oil as the main repellent ingredient. They are all-natural and DEET free. This is best used for going outdoors in or around mosquito breeding grounds.

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

If you are a pet owner, you understand the horrors of fleas and ticks. A lapse in one monthly dose of flea ointment for your beloved pet can be the beginning of a flea infestation in your apartment. That is why Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray can be essential in preventing the growth of a colony. It contains no harsh chemicals and a mixture of effective essential oils.