Getting your own apartment is exciting, and it’s even more fun when you add a dog to the mix. If you’re thinking of moving your pet to a new place, consider these tips for apartment living with dogs:

1. Keep your landlord updated. A brown and white dog with floppy ears laying down on a white couch.

Communication is important for a good relationship with your landlord. If you don’t tell them about your pet, or lie about their breed or size, you could get evicted. Make sure that you let your landlord know that your dog will be moving in, and what they should expect.

2. Don’t lock your dog up all day.

Many apartment complexes don’t have green space, so it can be difficult to make sure your dog gets enough exercise. If your dog isn’t getting enough physical exertion during the day, they can become obese and experience health problems. Be sure to take your dog out on regular walks, have a friend or roommate do it for you or check out these Birmingham apartments near dog parks.

3. Clean regularly. 

Since apartments are smaller spaces than houses, it’s much easier for pet fur and dander to pile up. Make sure you sweep or vacuum on a regular basis (around two to three times a week) and wipe down surfaces your dog routinely interacts with.

4. Invest in training classes. A black, brown, and white dog sitting on a dark brown leather chair.

Moving to a new space can be confusing for pets, especially with new rules and expectations. Teaching your dog basic commands can help them understand their new home and keep the peace.

5. Give them some space. 

Making a small area of the house (like a corner of the living room) dedicated to your dog will give them a space to relax and feel at home. Just add a bed, some toys and treats to create a dog sanctuary they can enjoy while you’re out.

Living with a dog can be a lot of fun, but it definitely comes with more responsibility. Take the necessary steps so that both you and your dog are happy and healthy in your new home.

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