Things may be reopening, albeit slowly, but at this point in the pandemic, you might be getting a bit stir-crazy. If you live with a roommate, you might feel like you’re driving each other up a wall. It’s important now more than ever to grow a great relationship with your roommate as well as find fun — and safe! — things to do. Here are five things you can do to have fun with your roommate in quarantine.

Text by Kassie Roberts

Close-up of Monopoly board with horse game piece on Chance.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Board Games

Okay, so maybe the last time you saw a board game was at your 9th grade birthday party. Now is the perfect time to dust off the old beloved Clue and play to your heart’s content. Board games are intellectually fun and also a great conversation starter. There are many types of board games and one is sure to suit your fancy. 

Girl sitting on the floor wearing Jaws socks with snacks and tablet showing Netflix.
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Netflix Binge

Netflix binges are much more fun with friends. You can tackle the horror-tinged TV shows with fun snacks and jokes instead of hiding behind your blanket. Missed out on the initial Tiger King craze? Still haven’t seen Stranger Things? Or maybe there’s a classic movie neither of you have seen? Now’s your chance to see what everyone was talking about. These shows are sure to keep you and your roomie talking long after they’ve ended.  

Two friends chopping onions.
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Cook Something New

Cooking with your roommate can be a really fun experience. Not only is it relaxing, but there’s a delicious meal at the end! Now’s the perfect time to experiment with new recipes. You can discuss your favorites and laugh over the utter failures. The way to someone’s heart truly is through their stomach — even if the meal isn’t entirely edible. 

Happy woman painting in her apartment.
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Paint Together

The best thing about painting with your roommate is there is no judgment. Painting can be relaxing and lightens your mood. It’s a perfect outlet for creativity while stuck indoors. There are thousands of easy and free painting tutorials online. Amazon offers complete paint kits that can be delivered directly to your door. 

Young African-American woman reading a book.

Two-Person Book Club

If you and your roommate are book lovers, you could create a two-person book club. It’s much easier to choose a book if there are only two or three people, and you can choose from your favorite genres. This is another excellent way to start lively and interesting discussions. And who knows, you might even find your next favorite book!