It feels as if the school year just started, but finals are right around the corner. There’s a good chance that you feel swamped with homework and studying. How are you supposed to get anything done? Making a few simple changes to your living space can make all the difference. With these tips, you can transform any room into a soothing study space for finals.


Perfect the lightingliving room with floor lamp.

Lighting is essential in creating a peaceful and calming environment. Most people achieve this with overhead lighting and natural light from windows. In the event that these sources aren’t available for you, there are alternatives! Using floor lamps and candles, you can still create a well-lit room.



Go easy with the decorneutral living room.

Everyone loves a well-decorated room. That doesn’t mean you have to buy every piece of wall art on the aisle. Complete the mood by buying decor that fits the purpose of the room. For the bedroom, get something with more calming colors like blue and green. For the area around your desk, think of bright colors and prints that make you feel creative and focused. After all, this is your space to prepare for the big exams.



Create balanceLiving room.

If everything’s on one side of a room, the room feels off-balance. Try thinking in twos from now on. Yes, buying two of everything may get expensive, but it’s necessary to achieve balance. On a college student budget, this can simply be placing succulents on both sides of your bed. Even hanging pictures on both sides of the television counts. 



Stay cleanLady mopping the ground.

I’m sure your parents have told you this numerous times. Cleaning your space doesn’t just look good: it makes you feel pretty awesome, too. Don’t forget that the air needs to be cleaned, too! Choose candle scents and air fresheners meant to make the air smell good. As a bonus, they’ll also keep your stress levels low.



Go greenSucculents in window sill.

This doesn’t just include recycling. Use plants in your space as well. Plants naturally release oxygen and help purify the air around them. A nice rule of thumb can be having plants in every room. There’s nothing wrong with a little extra oxygen in your life.


Text by Jazelyn Little