Living in the same place doesn’t have to be boring. Life is constantly changing. Instead of settling in and ignoring the exciting things around you, get out and explore. Here are a few ways you can explore your city like it’s your first time there.

Look at everything as brand new.

That museum you’ve probably visited 3 times since you’ve lived here? Try exploring it with a new mind. Take note of all the paintings and where they are from. The parks don’t just have the same green trees as last week. Try to keep track of how many blossoms are already forming. Perspective is key. Try bringing friends along for the journey. The more, the merrier.


Woman reading map.Create a bucket list.

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to accomplish or see in their lifetime. The same can be made for your city. As you head into the next season, start thinking about traditions or festivals that you constantly sweep under the rug. Is there a Gumbo Festival happening next month? Is there a statue that everyone posts on Instagram? Find out what’s going on and join right in on the excitement.

Act like a tourist.

We’ve all experienced the tourists who take a picture of everything and look genuinely excited to be here. They’re usually drawn to the things we don’t even take a second glance at. Not anymore! Begin taking the time to live in the moment. Act as if you have to leave the city tomorrow. Try to fit as much into your day as possible. Have lunch at the signature spot or join in on activities happening on that street-side. You won’t regret it.


Do something that’s unique to your city.Feet walking down path.

Is your city known for having the first something of its kind? Or maybe it’s known for having the best hot dogs in the region? Whatever your city’s claim to fame is, embrace it. Enjoy it. It will probably taste so much better now that you have a new purpose.


Travel Differently.Friends riding bikes.

We know this may seem weird, but use a different form of transportation than you usually do. Put your car keys down and flag a taxi. Most cities now have public bus and bike systems for their residents to enjoy. Nothing screams new adventure more than seeing things from a different angle for once.


As time goes by, you’ll develop a new appreciation for your hometown. Don’t let your eyes overlook the beautiful things in the city. Take time to learn about the history and heritage. Meet new people and experience everything there is to take in. By the end of it all, you’ll feel refreshed, trust us.

Happy exploring!


Text by Jazelyn Little