Moving into an apartment with your significant other can be so exciting. Finally, you get to do daily life with a person you care very dearly for. However, moving in together comes with a fair amount of change that can be stressful. Here are 5 tips to make the transition to living with your significant other much smoother.



Young couple moves box into apartment.

Packing and Unpacking Is a Team Sport

Move at a time where both of you can contribute to the process of moving. Find a good weekend or even a few days where you both can take time off of work. This will make sure that one person isn’t carrying the burden of moving by themselves.



Make Your House a Home — Together!Young couple looks at paint swatches.

Whether it’s a studio, a duplex or a mansion, this is now a home that you and your S.O. share. Both partners should feel welcome and comfortable in their own home. Decorating together and listening to each other’s suggestions will help this.



Young couple talking through issues.

Open Up, Listen Up, and Talk It Out …

Understand that this will be a big change for both of you. Make sure you both feel comfortable to talk openly with one another about how you’re feeling or what is or isn’t working for you when it comes to being roommates.



… Especially the Uncomfortable Stuff! Young couple paying bills.

Be upfront about how you plan to pay rent and other expenses like food, toilet paper and cable. Whether you share bank accounts or keep money separate, being clear about who is responsible for making rent payments will ensure a happier environment. It’ll also ensure that the bills get paid on time each month. Being aware of how money is spent on groceries will help make sure that spending is fair and clearly communicated.



Young couple doing laundry.Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — But Don’t Forget It, Either!

Communicate clearly about expectations for small things around the apartment. This may include washing dishes, taking out the trash, turning off lights and folding laundry — and, maybe most importantly, the cleanliness and organization of the shared bathroom. And don’t forget to decide on a temperature for the thermostat!



Some Bonus Words of Wisdom

Give yourselves time to fall into a rhythm of living together. You will absolutely learn new things about one another and will have to accommodate one another. Be patient with each other. Communicate often and clearly. Don’t let things build up. Rather, tackle smaller tasks or discussions as they come. This is an exciting time! Enjoy learning more about each other and growing in your relationship!

Text by Amy Haupt