You’re going out for the holidays. Maybe that means you’re leaving for an evening to drink special eggnog with friends or maybe it’s that you’re flying to other side of the country for a few weeks to see the parents. Either way, you don’t want your apartment to be Home Alone-d while you’re out. Here are a few tips to keep your space safe:

Lock the door

Yes, it goes without saying, but in all of the hubbub and ho-ho-hos of the holidays, it’s easy to forget the simple things. Whether those simple things are the meaning of Christmas or locking your apartment’s front door, please keep those reasons for the season in check.

Have a neighbor or friend stop by

In this case, it’s not so much the thought that counts. (It’s the doing that counts.) Ask one of your trustworthy neighbors or a buddy who will be in town to check on your apartment every day. This means grabbing the mail so your presents won’t overflow in the mailbox or sit on the doorstep and leaving different lights on each night so fewer would-be-burglars know you’re not home.

Girls looking at their phones.Be aware of what you post on social media

Your family and friends you get to see once a year are lovely. But when you’re in Omaha, Nebraska uploading selfies, a bunch of people suddenly know you’re not at home. That’s not to say to forgo the likes, but just keep in mind who is seeing what.

Think about what boxes you throw out

Sweet, you got the new Nintendo console. Maybe hold off on displaying the box to the world? When you wear your Yoshi shirt year-round and have a Koopa Shell bumper sticker, you’re not playing your hand too ambiguously. High profile boxes means there’s high profile objects to be found. Break down the boxes and put them in trash bags if at all possible, or dump off boxes at the recycling center.

Don’t stress

It’s the holidays. Hopefully you’re catching up with your loved ones in some capacity or another. Enjoy the merriment of being around them. While you want to keep the apartment safe, there’s only so much you can do. Think logically, check in with a friend and relax. It only comes once a year!

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