Want to decorate your walls to fit your style but don’t have the money or time to do so? Check out these five easy, affordable and landlord-approved wall decorations for apartments.

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint wall decoration.Chalk paint can instantly transform a wall. The black color makes a bold statement.Because you can’t paint directly onto an apartment wall, purchase a large piece of sanded wood. Paint it with the chalk paint and lean it against the wall for a similar effect. And, since it’s chalk, you and your loved ones can add special touches to the wall. Consider letting everyone who passes through write something, and the wall will be brimming with inspiring messages in no time. 


Washi Tape DesignWashi tape swan wall design.

Who doesn’t love washi tape? It’s the EGOT of the craft world: washi tape wins at everything. Try purchasing some canvases in various shapes. Make one design across all the canvases then mount them on the wall with a little space between each one. This makes a nice piece of living room art. Just make sure your mounting materials follow the terms of your lease! If you are feeling extra brave, you can create a (removable!) mural on your wall with washi tape.


Smile wall garland.Garland

Hanging a garland of any kind can cozy up a wall. It is low-cost, but it still makes a statement. Try making a garland out of yarn and — of course — washi tape. You could also use fairy lights for extra ambience.


Photo GalleryFrameless photos on wall.

You know those silly Snapchat memories that always make you smile on a bad day? Print them out and hang them up on your wall! You can hang photos with or without frames, but we prefer to overlap frameless photos. You can create any design you want with the shape of the photos. For an even cuter effect, hang polaroid photos with — you guessed it! — washi tape.


Blank canvas on wall.Fabric Art

For a warm piece of art in your bedroom, try stapling a nice piece of fabric over a canvas. This is a great option to hang above your bed. You might also consider hanging fabric on your wall without the canvas. We prefer the free flowing aesthetic it provides. Consider stapling the fabric of your choice to a small strip of wood. You can tie some sort of rope or ribbon to the wood and use this to hang the fabric on the wall.


Text by Martha Kendall Custard