Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a journey through time. Dine in one of the city’s most historic buildings, shop among oddities from past and present and take a trip back to the Prohibition Era with Birmingham’s one and only Speakeasy. 

EatTable with fresh ingredients on it.

Café Dupont
113 20th Street North
Birmingham, AL 35203

Begin by treating yourself and your partner to a luxury diner at Café Dupont. Situated downtown in a building that’s been around since the 1870’s, Café Dupont is unique in that the owner has taken special care to preserve its history.Your first steps on its original flooring will whisk you back to another era and promise to provide a truly fantastic experience for you and your date. If you’re wowed by the atmosphere and incredible wait staff upon entering, prepare yourself to be truly blown away by the seasonal cuisine. We can’t give you a taste of the menu since it varies according to what’s fresh, but rest assured that whatever your try is guaranteed to please even the pickiest palate.

Hands reaching out with a gift.


What’s on 2nd
2323 1st Avenue North
Birmingham, AL

A downtown institution, this Birmingham shop is full of diverse knickknacks from a variety of time periods. Among its shelves you can find everything from a modern drinking game to an antique superhero and anything in between. We recommend spicing up your date with a game. Deal out ten dollars to each partner and challenge each other to find a gift for the other within the budget. This makes for a fun way to exchange gifts without breaking the bank.

Drink shaker and cocktail in a glass.


The Marble Ring
430 41st Street South, Suite B
Birmingham, AL 35222

End your evening in a 1920’s Speakeasy at The Marble Ring in Avondale. Just as Speakeasies existed during Prohibition when drinking was illegal, this new spot is equally as secretive, which makes entering this gem a fun ordeal in itself. First, you walk through the Birmingham restaurant Hot Diggity Dogs. Second, you enter the Tardis — a blue police box from the television series Dr. Who. Inside the box, you pick up the phone provided and request to be seated. Once admitted, you’ll immediately be greeted with the sight of a dazzling crystal chandelier and a setting straight from the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald era. You’ll then be seated and can spend the night talking over custom cocktails, fine wine, and tasty beer.