For fun things to do in Birmingham, don’t miss Brookwood. From coffee at O’Henry’s to a shopping mall and walking trail, you have the best of indoor and outdoor entertainment in this Birmingham suburb.


O’Henry’s Coffee Shop
569 Brookwood Village, #101
Birmingham, AL 35209

If Central Perk from Friends is how you rate Birmingham coffee shops then O’Henry’s should definitely come close to hitting every mark, minus the awkward  Gunther/Rachel relationship. O’Henry’s was founded in 1993 right here in Birmingham and has been serving up amazing coffee and food ever since. Their menu features Cafe Mocha with Ghiradelli chocolate and amazing food options like a Route 66 salad or yogurt parfait.

Brookwood Village.

Photo courtesy of Brookwood Village.


Brookwood Village
780 Brookwood Village
Birmingham, Alabama 35209

If you’re in the market for the best Birmingham shopping without the big crowds, Brookwood Village is the perfect spot. Brookwood Village has over 50 shops and includes major retailers like Belk, Macy’sAltar’d State and Z Gallerie. And if you didn’t get your fix of sweets at O’Henry’s, grab a cookie or brownie at Great American Cookies.


If you want to explore Birmingham without being downtown, take a stroll down Shades Creek Greenway. This greenway runs parallel to Shades Creek and bonus: it is paved! This beautiful three-mile trail gives the avid runner, biker or walker the chance to explore the floodplains of one of the most important streams in Birmingham. Since it is open year-round, you can even wade in the creek on a hot summer day.

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