It’s no secret that Avondale has become one of the best places to go in Birmingham for a good time. With something new popping up what seems like every other week, it has become one of the fastest growing Birmingham neighborhoods. With that growth has come some amazing Birmingham restaurants and things to do in Birmingham:


Sandwich.Rowe’s Service Station
4100 4th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222

Looking for a Birmingham brunch place can be difficult, but look no further. Rowe’s Service Station is one of those Birmingham restaurants you’ll definitely want to go for brunch. And lunch. And dinner. Alongside their menu items, they also feature a full bar that can fulfill your every drinking need. We’d tell you that their soft shell crab BLT is a must-have, but since the rest of their menu is also stellar, we’ll let you make your own choices.


Bracelet.Sozo Trading Co.
4 41st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222

Shopping can often lead to buyer’s remorse, but what if there was a way to treat yourself without the guilty aftertaste? At Sozo Trading Co. there is. Why? The answer comes in two parts. First, since their inventory is made up of local Birmingham vendors and thrift items, their prices are hard to beat. Second, every time you spend money on a purchase, you’re donating to help the Sozo children in Africa. You can read more about their mission on their website. Welcome to guilt-free shopping.


Ducks in pond.Avondale Park
4101 5th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222

This gorgeous park is one of those fun things to do in Birmingham that you won’t want to miss. If you’re feeling the need to spend some quality time in the outdoors, this is the spot. You don’t have to travel outside the city limits for greenery, all you need to do is head to Avondale.

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