Are you suffering from a bare, blank wall in your apartment? Does your living room need a make-over that won’t break the bank? Then DIY a Yarn Wall Hanger! It’s a fun, fashionable and, most importantly, inexpensive way to take your place from blah to beautiful. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

What You’ll Need:

  • First of all, find a stick to hang the yarn from. Make sure it’s the appropriate size of the space you want to take up on your wall. I opted for a Birch tree branch.
  • Yarn with Varied Texture.Next up? YARN. First, pick your color scheme. I went for neutrals: tan, grey, white and black. Since I had four colors, I only needed one skein of each. Also, I bought yarn with different textures for contrast.
  • Finally, figure out to hang this on your wall. I went for an easy silver wire hanger that I bought in the jewelry section. Then, I drilled holes in the branch. However, this could be done any manner of ways. Just make sure it’ll hold the weight of the yarn.

**Protip: Coupons are your best friend!! I ended up only spending $40 and I could have done it cheaper! So check the craft store websites and newspapers.**Branch with Holes to Hang.Now, it’s time to make art!
1. First, double-check to make sure your branch is the right length. Then, make small holes about 1.5 inches from either end of the branch.

2. Figure out how long you want your yarn to hang down from the branch. Next, double the length and cut your yarn. You will double each strand as you loop it around the stick.

3. Figure out the layout of your colors. I wanted a symmetrical look so I started with a small section of my grey yarn in the middle. Then, I worked out to white on the ends.   Cut and Double Yarn.

My white yarn was a little thin, so I took several strands at a time. First of all, fold the piece of yarn in half.

Step Two Yarn Hanger.

Then, put the loop end underneath the branch.

Step Three Yarn Hanger.

Next, pull the ends of the yarn over the branch and through the loop.

Step Four Yarn Hanger.

Finally, pull tight and adjust as needed.

4. You will repeat this step with each yarn color until you get the desired thickness and pattern of yarn on your branch.

Completed DIY Yarn Hanger.

Optionally, you can cut the bottom of your yarn hanger into an angle as well. I left mine natural. However, I did randomly braid and tie knots in the yarn for variety.

5. Finally, it’s time to hang it up! Attach your wire with some slack and hang it on a nail or frame hanger.

Wall Hanger DIY Hung Up.

Need another reference? Then check out this step-by-step guide.


Text and photos by Amy Haupt