Tiana1Tiana has ambitious dreams and she loves good music and great food. There may not be any swamps or frogs wanting to be kissed in Lakeview, but it is the perfect place for Tiana to stretch her culinary skills and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Living at 29 Seven, Tiana would never miss a beat, and she could even open her very own Cajun restaurant.

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BelleAs a bookworm and the daughter of a studious inventor, Belle needs access to a library and hundreds of books to find her happy place. Crowne on 10th is ideal for that (think proximity to Mervyn Sterne) and the patios are perfect for carving out some alone time with a new bestseller. The UAB community offers plenty of people with similar interests, and there is not a Gaston in sight.

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Jasmine1Jasmine grew up in a life of luxury. An only child, she lived behind the impenetrable walls of a palace with her father and pet tiger/best friend Rajah. The Richmond in Five Points South would be the perfect apartment for Jasmine’s free-to-be-me lifestyle and, since it’s pet-friendly, Rajah could live with her. Plus, nothing elevates (no pun intended) the people-watching potential in Southside like doing it from a floating magic carpet.

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ArielAriel may seem like a fish out of water this far from the coast, but she would definitely like the Homewood area. Because Ariel is a mermaid (or she was until she gave her voice to Ursula), theMoretti at Vulcan would be the perfect apartment for her. It features a beautiful saltwater swimming pool that would let her re-live her time in the ocean. And there are plenty of dinglehoppers for her to twist through her hair.

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Rapunzel_Not only does Rapunzal have really, really long hair, but thanks to being locked in a tower with no way out and only a chameleon as a companion, we’re thinking she’s had years to practice her arts and crafts. As the most artistic princess, an aparment in the bohemian and up-and-coming Avondale neighborhood is perfect. EnterFourth. Rapunzel would have no problem fitting in with the hip locals, and we’re sure someone would want to have a lantern festival to commemorate her birthday.

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PocahontasAs an avid outdoorswoman, Pocahontas needs lots of room to run and plenty of natural landscapes. Hawthorne at Lake Heather offers just that. Situated on an 110-acre lake, Pocahontas would have no problem grabbing her canoe and her two best friends, Flick and Meeko, and setting out on an adventure. No spinning arrow needed here because Hawthorne at Lake Heather is just minutes away from anything she could ever need — like a quick trip to Target.

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SleepingbeautyAs the sleepiest of all the Disney princesses, Aurora needs her down time. So, of course, she would live tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of downtown Birmingham. (Spend a century sequestered in a tower, and you’re going to have some trouble re-adjusting to city life, too.) Grand Highlands at Mountain Brook has everything Aurora needs, like space for her evening walks in the woods and a big bedroom for her long naps. Bonus: no dragons or thorned gates.

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Anna and Elsa

Screen_Shot_2016-05-17_at_12.15.27_PMAnna and Elsa may have have had their fair share of sister drama, but since the great Arendelle de-frost, they would make great roommates. (Note to Elsa: keep those ice powers to yourself.) The Retreat at Mountain Brook has the small village feel that Anna and Elsa are both used to, and it also has all the luxuries a princess would need, like gated entry and a fitness center. There is a pet park for Sven and some shaded decks and patios so that Olaf doesn’t have to worry about melting under the Alabama sun.

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