Signing the lease for an apartment signifies that this place will be your new home. This can be a scary feeling. Moving brings a variety of emotions to the table. It forces someone to step out of their comfort zone, to leave behind their favorite people and places, and to let go of their normal routines. To ensure that you enjoy your new space, it’s best to be aware of some of the challenges that might present themselves. Below are solutions to help ease common fears about apartment living.

Text by Makayla Smith

Three male neighbors sit together.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

When you get some down time, be sure to check out who lives around you. You don’t have to become best friends with your neighbors. However, it’s nice to have a trusted neighbor to turn to in the case of an emergency. As this trust begins to build, neighbors get to know your day-to-day routines. Therefore, if anything out of the ordinary happens, they’ll be able to spot it.

Invest In A Security System

Wireless security systems are the way to go nowadays. They also come with panic keys that can activate the alarms remotely. For instance, it’s good to have this system if there are suspicious noises coming from outside of your apartment. These wireless systems are not only easy to install, many providers will allow you to take the system with you when you move.

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Notify Family and Friends About Your Whereabouts

No matter if you’re headed out on the town for a drink, picking up lunch for yourself, or getting ready to meet up with someone you barely know, it’s best to remain alert. Notify close family and friends about where you’re headed. Free security apps like SmartWatcher and Circle of 6 will notify the emergency contacts in your phone if you haven’t made it to your destination. 

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Bring A Pet Along

Investing in a four-legged companion can help with bouts of loneliness. If you’re concerned about your safety, having a dog could help reduce this fear. You can trust your pet to alert you to danger. Be sure to make sure your landlords allow pets before you head to the humane society!

Make Your Home Feel More Like You

Cozy up your space with pictures of family and friends who are near and dear to you. Give your space its own, personal lived-in look! Compliment the decor with scented candles and throw blankets. Playing some of your favorite songs aloud can drown out the sounds of creaking in the floor, or the obnoxious neighbors.