Shades Cahaba Elementary School


Shades Cahaba Elementary School – Homewood, AL

Shades Cahaba Elementary School is located in Homewood, Alabama.  Built in 1920, it served in its early years as a high school for the students in this valley.  Since 1950, it has been an elementary school, with a current student body of approximately 550 kindergarten through fifth grade children.  Has a small town feeling with sidewalks and community activities while enjoying the advantages that the city of Birmingham, our closest neighbor, offers.  Our student population is a diverse one, adding a richness to our learning community.  Shades Cahaba is proud of its strong academic standing in the community as well as nationally. Our children enjoy days full of reading and math, music and art, physical fitness and an awareness of wellness, exploring the world through science and an appreciation of history and culture.   A National School of Character, awarded in 2006 and 2012, our character education program directs a strong school culture of respect and responsibility.APARTMENT COMMUNITIES: