Choosing a roommate is all about compatibility. Whether you’re looking for new roommates, or you already have some, it is important that you don’t clash too often. If one of your roommates likes to stick to the rules, and another is more free-spirited, you may run into problems that make living together unpleasant. To avoid these kinds of mix-ups, or for a fun activity, check out the color profiles below to see how you and your roommates stack up.

The True Colors quiz is commonly used by businesses, organizations and clubs to define leadership styles and attitudes within a group. There are four colors: blue, green, gold and orange. Each color is associated with different traits, and no one is simply a single color. Instead, you are a combination of the four with some colors being more present than others.

In this case “blue” doesn’t mean “sad;” it represents someone who feels emotions very intensely. You know, the roommate who always lets you know how they feel, even if it’s a little too much information? This person feels deeply and is sensitive, but is also a great listener and supporter.
Most Compatible With: Orange, Gold
Least Compatible With: Green

GREENThe color green.
The logical color, this roommate is the one you can depend on to evenly divide the utilities each month. They are efficient, and have a very “black or white” mindset. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make them seem hard to approach; however, someone who is a green is very calm and analytical.
Most Compatible With: Gold, Orange
Least Compatible With: Blue

A true leader, someone who identifies with gold is a perfectionist. They stick to the rules no matter what, and are the responsible roommate. The one who takes out the trash and acts like a mom when someone gets sick. A gold is dependable and responsible, but they take no nonsense.
Most Compatible With: Green, Blue
Least Compatible With: Orange

ORANGEThe color orange.
If you have a roommate who’s a little more wild, then you’ve got an orange. Oranges are impulsive, active and hyper. They’re constantly wanting to socialize and like to be around others. Living with an orange means you always have people over — even if you don’t know them there.
Most Compatible With: Blue, Green
Least Compatible With: Gold

It’s true that some colors are more compatible with others, but don’t knock some of the least compatible roommate combinations. Monica is a total gold, and Rachel is definitely an orange, and everything worked out for them.

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