One of the joys of living in an apartment is not having to worry about lawn upkeep or landscaping, but sometimes we all miss having a little greenery in our lives. And while most apartments in Birmingham don’t have community gardens, they do have windows, balconies or patios. We found a range of plants that fit perfectly in an apartment lifestyle.

Dwarf Citrus Trees

birmingham apartment cirtus tree.

Have you always wanted a sprawling orchard of citrus trees (think Yolanda Foster circa 2012), but you live in an apartment downtown so you gave up on that dream? Enter the dwarf citrus tree, and your dream can live on. These smaller fruit trees can be potted and placed on your balcony. The most popular are Meyer Lemon, Calamondin Orange and Dwarf Kaffa Lime Tree.

Patio Roses

Birmingham Apartment rose roses.

Roses are an essential to any garden. Their fragrance is sweet, and they aren’t bad too look at. The only hindrance is that a rose bush can get rather large. Check out smaller varieties called patio roses. They add the perfect amount of color and fragrance to any balcony. Plus, all of your neighbors will want to mimic your style.


birmingham apartment strawberry blue pot.

If you love fresh fruit, then try your hand at growing strawberries. You probably won’t be able to have your own strawberry patch, but you can have a mini one. Strawberries are a summer treat, and they are not a hassle to grow because they love direct sunlight. (And most Birmingham apartments have plenty of sunshine to go around.)


birmingham apartments succulents.

If your green thumb is non-existent (or on the verge of being brown), you should invest in succulents. Not only are they cute and have chubby leaves, but they are relatively easy to keep alive. All a succulent needs is around 2-4 hours of daily sunshine and to be watered about every 10 days when the topsoil is completely dry. Get creative with planters too, because succulents are having a moment, and their accessories are easy to find.


birmingham apartment herb window box.

If your food is lacking flavor, or your kitchen is looking a little bare, create your own window box for herbs. Window boxes are really simple to make, and there are tutorials and DIYs everywhere. You can grow herbs from seeds, or you can buy the herb fully grown and just re-pot it. Starting your own herb garden is simple with some sunshine and water. (But if you want to whisper good thoughts of encouragement and growth to your plants, too, I am sure they will appreciate it.)


birmingham apartment jasmine flower.

Speaking of fragrance, Jasmine is one of the most popular fragrant flowers. (It is probably already a note in one of your favorite perfumes.) And it is the name of a Disney Princess! Did you know this climbing vine is also perfect for a balcony garden? All you need is a large pot, a climbing trellis and good soil. This beautiful vine of flowers will be the perfect finishing touch to any balcony garden.

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